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Infos (soutenances, postes, etc.)
  • ATER Physique - Sections CNU 30, 61, 63. Deadline: october 13, 2017
  • Rapport d'activité de MIPA 2008-2013 (pdf)
  • Rencontre Energ@Nîmes - Lundi 7 février 2011 (programme)
 Présentation de Pierre Saint-Grégoire (pdf)

  • Post doctoral position at the University of Nîmes  (in CV2A). Deadline: november 30, 2009
A post-doctoral position in mathematics in the area of the calculus of variations (Gamma-convergence, relaxation, homogenization, Young measures, etc. and related topics) for six months, from january 2010 to june 2010, is available at the University of Nîmes (in CV2A). Applicants should have a recent Ph.D. with highly motivation and interest in calculus of variations. The brut salary will be 2244 euros per month. Applicants should send before november 30, 2009 a CV, list of publications and a research project to:
Université de Nîmes
Sevice Recherche
Rue du docteur Georges Salan
30021 Nîmes, France
and to the following two e-mail adress: and